The fastest way to order wine.

Making Wine Buying Easier than Ever

You like wine. We know wine. We'll send you a text from time to time with our suggestion for a great wine selection. If you like it, just reply with the number of bottles you want and they will show up at your door. It's that simple!


Step One: Sign up

Fill out our secure form with your address and credit card information. Then text "yes" in reply to the confirmation text you receive. That's it. After that you'll start receiving great wine offerings from time to time. There are no membership fees and you can opt-out anytime by texting "no" or "unsubscribe". Once we have your phone number, address and billing information, the hard part is over and you're ready to take advantage of the spectacular deals our wine curators will find, just for you.


Step Two: Get a Text

When we find a wine we think you'll enjoy or a deal that's too good to pass up, you'll receive a text from us. The only action you need to take is to reply back with a number, indicating the number of bottles you want. (Or if your wine cellar is full at the moment, simply don't reply.) We'll send a confirmation text to you to make sure, and you reply with the letter "p" or the words "place order". We take care of the rest. Your wine will arrive in a few days at your doorstep.


Step Three: Enjoy Your Wine

It's hard to believe it could be this simple right? Your complete shopping experience took about 1 minute of your time. You can't beat that! More time to enjoy your wine.

About Marquis Wine Cellars

We are Vancouver's Premiere Wine Store. Changing the way people think about wine one glass at a time. We think outside the box. We do our best to get you what you want when you want it. If we do not push the envelope we will never know how good we can be. We seek out and source premium wines in all price ranges. This does not come from sitting at our desks and reading magazines and looking at scores. It comes from personally visiting growers and tasting thousands of wines each year. Whether you have $15 or $1,500 to spend, you will get the best bottle possible each and every time. Marquis Wine Cellars has over 30 years of experience of retailing discoveries, and have a track record of over-delivering and making our customers happy. Marquis Wine Cellars is a community-based business. We do our utmost to support the culinary arts and community charities which contribute to the well-being and enhancement of our neighbourhood and the City of Vancouver.

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